​​​​​​​There are no gimmicks, just lessons taken from Customer Services, Sales and Marketing, Psychology, Motivation Interviewing and Personal Development, brought together to give you techniques and the framework to instantly boost your Therapy business ethically. 

The course is just £199, so you will very quickly realise this is a great investment.  Some Therapists have doubled their patient lists within a matter of months.  What would that mean for your business? More than £199 I bet!

We understand that you are investing your time and money in us and so we guarantee that if you use the techniques from the course in your practice, that you will grow your list.  If you don't, you can have your money back, so your investment is risk free!

As expected, the course has been popular with individual Therapists, but there are now lots of clinics using the course as part of their induction process to get their staff upto speed with non-clinical skills as quickly as possible.  We know how difficult it can be getting a new member of staff trained, profitable and enhancing your reputation, which is why so many Therapists have decided to use this course as a quick and effective way to do this. Special discounts are available to clinics wishing to buy multiple courses which make them even greater value for money. 

The course consists of eight sections.  Each section consists of videos, presentations and resources, and stories to show you how these techniques have worked for Therapists already to help you to see how to apply everything you're learning. 

Unlike most courses,the techniques you learn in "Why don't my patients listen?" can be used with every patient you ever see, rather than a select few.  Even better, is that you can complete a lecture on your commute to work in the morning, practice the techniques at work, and then ask questions and get feedback from a tutor in the evening before practicing again the next day.  


Section one: "The Treatment Bank Account": Learn a new way to look at exactly how you behave and what you say with each patient to identify barriers you might be putting up that are stopping you from getting great results! 

Section two: "Sales for Therapists": Therapists don't like selling. You didn't get into the profession to sell, however there are some really useful techniques that we can learn from the sales and marketing worlds that help Therapists get their patients on board.  It's not selling, it's just helping!

Section three: "Goals": You won't find SMART goals here.  We introduce a new way of setting goals with your patients that puts their needs genuinely at the centre of your treatment plan.  If you have ever written the goal of "Reduce pain" or "Return to running" you need this section!

Section four: "Brilliant explanations": How to give explain your treatments and exercises to your patients to get them engaged and excited about their treatment and help them have confidence in you. Stand out from the crowd with explanations that put you ahead of the competition. 

Section five: "Expect everything": We have to manage patient's expectations.  If we do it well they will think we are providing a good service.  If we fail to manage their expectations, we will disappoint them and their outcomes will suffer.  Section 5 is all about how to do this well and we touch on how to deal with complaints too. 

Section six: "Confidence": One of the key ingredients that a lot of Therapists lack is confidence.   This section gives you some brilliant and easy to use techniques for boosting yours.  Think what more confidence could do for your career.

Section seven: "The Performance": Section 7 brings together everything you've learned in the course.  The concept of "The Performance" helps you be the best you can be for every patient however you're feeling and whether it's the first or the last patient of the day. 

Section eight: "Patient retention and building a patient list": A section for people who want to build a Therapy business.  Most people focus on how to get new patients through the doors.  That's important, but it's a fatal mistake to neglect those already coming in.  This section focuses on how to grow your list and your business.


Andy Byrne, is a Physiotherapist by training.  He worked in the NHS for three years, and privately for eleven years specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He was then the Area Manager for one of the biggest Physiotherapy providers in the UK, managing 15 sites and over 100 staff. 

He was fascinated by the importance of non-clinical skills in patient outcomes, which first started when he realised that the patients he really liked got better far quicker than the ones he didn't get on with so well!  During the next six years, and after numerous courses, books, podcasts, webinars, practice and mentoring sessions, he has brought together all he has learned into this online course. Andy is dedicated to teaching Therapists how to help more people, and "Why don't my patients listen?" has been designed to do exactly that!

If you want to know more, and want to know when the course is re-launching then please fill in your details on the contact page and we will be in touch.

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It's tough getting new patients to walk through the door, so this course will teach you (and your staff if you have them) to make sure that you create the perfect patient experience every time to: 

  • Make you stand out as the "go to" Therapist in the area
  • Grow your business
  • Ethically retain you patients
  • Reduce cancellation rates
  • Increase word of mouth referrals
  • Build a list of engaged patients
  • Build your reputation
  • Improve exercise compliance
  • Improve patient outcomes

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