​Supercharge your outcomes, retention and your business!

Our featured online course will show you how to create the perfect experience for your patients every time which will: 

  • Boost compliance​ and patient satisfaction 
  • Improve patient outcomes 
  • Increase patient retention 
  • Increase word of mouth referrals
  • ​Make it easier to create busy patient lists
  • ​Grow your Therapy business

Triad Health want to work with the best Tutors to bring courses to Therapists across the world.  We host our courses in the best surroundings, with the newest teaching aids and technology available to make sure that learning is simple, fun and brilliantly effective. 

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Featured course:Why don't my patients listen?

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​Soft Tissue Therapist

We've run multiple, successful practices ourselves, and have helped lots of Therapy business owners reach their business goals.  Whether you're just starting your business, or you need some help taking it to the next level, we can help you build the business of your dreams. 

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"The course was so useful! The new skills and techniques I learned have changed the way I tackle treatment sessions and are already making them more effective"




"An engaging course from start to finish...it opened my eyes to ways of thinking and approaching treatment I hadn't thought of before. It was great I could do it from home too."

"The techniques you've given me have been brilliant. I've noticed a massive difference and I've just finished my busiest ever month."

Online courses are perfect for busy professionals.  You can learn wherever and whenever you want, at a pace that suits you. You can try out what you've learned, then come back and ask your Tutor questions to get maximum benefit.  We even offer a money back guarantee on all our online courses.